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3 January 2023

FOR 2023

Exploring upcoming themes in plain English.

In December I looked back at my highlights and key learning points from 2022 and now, in January I’m looking at the coaching topics I want to explore and share in 2023. Just as I encouraged my readers to reflect on your highlights and key learning points from 2022, I encourage you now to think about what you may focus on as a development area in 2023.

This is my thirty-seventh blog post, which I find quite surprising, as I have never seen myself as much of a writer. Yet I find the process of writing my blogs has become much easier over time and has also encouraged me to think around a topic and try to capture its essence as simply as possible. I set out to demystify coaching in my blogs so that the reader can hopefully appreciate what coaching is about and gain some understanding of what a coaching experience may be like and what can be explored in coaching.

I hope that is your experience as a reader. Please let me know if this is the case, as reader feedback is always welcomed.

So, in the year ahead, I plan to continue to explore hot coaching topics in plain English, in the hope that they resonate with you and prompt some thinking on your behalf as to the topic and its relevance to you.

In this vein, I would also like to thank Lorraine Gibson and David Grayson for their review and comments on my 2023 hot coaching topics.

I have chosen the following topics based on the common themes that have come up in conversations with my clients over recent months and my reflections on 2022.

  • Managing in a downturn
  • Using Stakeholder (360) feedback to shape coaching goals
  • Managing intergenerational teams
  • Exploring Emotional intelligence in coaching
  • Exploring the Client/Coach relationship
  • Developing the manager as a coach
  • Managing work/life balance
  • Managing boundaries at work and how to best delegate
  • Spotting and managing mental ill-health at work
  • Creating psychological safety.

I hope that there are some topics in the list that are of interest to you and which might be an area for exploration for you in 2023.

If you want to discuss any of the topics in advance of my blogs being published, please feel free to get in touch.

From the author:

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