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My perspective on working with clients

"Every client is different,
has different requirements
and should be treated


Incorporates the following

A free, introductory client meeting

This allows you (the client) and I (the coach) to get to know each other, for me to explain how coaching could work and for you to discuss your objectives.*

The option of a three-way meeting

If the executive coaching
you receive is supported by your employer, a meeting can be held with you and your sponsor to confirm the shared objectives.

The coaching sessions begins

Coaching is about creating trust and confidence so I can help you to develop better awareness and an understanding of what you want to achieve.**

Post-coaching evaluation

We review the outcomes and effectiveness of the coaching you have received against the initially agreed objectives. This can also include your sponsor.***

*After this meeting, you can decide if you would like to proceed and then we can agree on the number of sessions required and where we will meet, as well as other practicalities.

**The number of sessions required will vary (6 to 8 is typical). These sessions are face-to-face, but can also be conducted via videoconference. All coaching sessions are confidential, even when supported and paid for by an employer.

***Any feedback would be from you to your sponsor. 


Examples of where & how coaching can assist you


Managing your
work/life balance

Getting these two ongoing elements
right is crucial, both to productivity
and to your personal happiness.


Delivering in
your new role

As taking on new responsibilities
and commitments can require
flexibility and mental agility.


Vocation &
career planning

Because looking to the future in a strategic and informed fashion delivers measurable, long-term value.


Managing difficult
or troubling relationships

We all have to do this at some point in our lives and careers and possessing
the skills to do so matters.


Strengthening your
emotional intelligence

In the modern workplace and changing social environment, having strong emotional intelligence is vital.


Building confidence in
yourself & your abilities

We all have unique and valuable capabilities. Identifying what these are and strengthening them is crucial.

I am also happy to talk about your personal objectives.

Get in touch to discuss how coaching can help you.