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From my clients, on behalf of the organisations I have worked with

Turning Point

David provided business coaching for me and some of my colleagues. From these sessions, we have seen significant improvements in communication and leadership styles, which have contributed to a more efficient and competent team. I highly recommend David as a coach.

Jennifer Peckett
Operations Manager (Turning Point)
Beyond Autism

I sponsored/commissioned David to coach a number of the Senior Management Team so that they could explore their personal goals within the organisational context.

The first step to a positive coaching relationship is the chemistry session, which David approached with openness and a genuine interest in the individual. Every member of the team gained from the coaching experience and as a result, the organisational outcomes have been accelerated. David remained mindful of the business imperative and the checking-in sessions with me and each individual were always handled with respect and integrity.

Tracie Coultas - Pitman
CEO (Beyond Autism)
Robert Walters

I had great personal experiences with David as my coach last year. There were so many eye-opening moments throughout all the well-designed and thoughtful coaching sessions with him. David would certainly help leaders with their continuous leadership development journey.

Phuc Pham
Country Manager (Robert Walters)
Own The Room

I had the pleasure to work with David earlier this year when we did a couple of coaching sessions. I came to him with a broad scope and it was in big part due to his coaching style (relaxed probing and very in the moment) I was able to narrow it down and focus on some key areas. I was able to identify the next steps I’ve been working on since. I will definitely work more with David in the near future, and highly recommend him to anyone considering executive coaching.

Katja van Koten
Head of EMEA, product Solutions & Coach
(Own The Room powered by LifeHikes)
Robert Walters

I had the pleasure of having David assigned to me as my coach in Robert Walters. What I like about his style is feeling comfortable and safe to share my vulnerabilities as a leader. His questions made me explore areas that I did not think of. I recall there was this "A-ha" moment that just wowed me. David is an excellent coach and I will highly recommend him.

Tiffany Wong
Director, Commerce (Robert Walters)
Robert Walters

I really enjoyed working with David and found his style of coaching to be extremely engaging. He has a very clear style and I would recommend him to any leader looking to develop.

Richard Townsend
Director, Mexico, IT, HR & Legal (Robert Walters)
Robert Walters

I had the chance to be coached by David and it was for me a game-changer. Thanks to his listening capacity and his strong sense of humour, he has been able to completely change my vision about coaching as well as help me in growing both as a person and as a professional! I can definitively say that David's guidance will be a positive inflexion point in my career!! My advice: if you have any doubt about your capacities, just give him a chance!!

Francois-Pierre Puech
Country Director (Robert Walters)
Robert Walters

David's approach to coaching is highly collaborative. He provides you with a platform whereby you feel comfortable raising any issues you may be facing and can challenge you in a way that feels natural and respectful. David has assisted me with being able to think a lot more strategically about how I approach certain situations and has played an integral part in my personal career development. I would highly recommend David.

Nick Louca
Director - Head of New York Office (Robert Walters)
Robert Walters

I had the pleasure of my company offering me a coaching session with David back in 2021. I have never had any outside coaching previously on a 1-1 level so was quite anxious about what to expect. David was fantastic. I was made to feel very relaxed, comfortable and able to share experiences very openly. I was excited but also nervous to hear feedback after each coaching session but felt that this was very effective and constructive.

Since then, I have managed to lean into my coaching in my daily work and can see the difference in my working style. I have also received catch-up calls with David since then to share my progress as well as any help that David could offer. Thanks again and your newsletters are also great to read.

Carly Adams
Director - Tech & Transformation Hong Kong (Robert Walters)

I really enjoyed my coaching conversations with David. His manner is very calm and his questioning technique is insightful. David's thoughtful suggestions and conclusive guidance helped me to consider my options and approach in a fresh and helpful way.

Verity Buck
Bank Partners

David’s approach helped me identify the key areas I wanted to develop my thinking in and helped me build a plan which was realistic and focused on my outcomes. David has a really easy style, listens and questions to aid understanding and spends time to playback what he has heard. I would recommend him as a coach, he will help you move forward with your ideas. 

Fran Currie
Chief Operating Officer (Bank Partners)

David has one of the most fundamentally important skills that you need as an Executive Coach and that is intensive listening. He combines this with formulating some excellent questions that make you consider situations in a different light. So things that seemed uncertain and difficult initially, turn out to be easier and clearer. I would wholeheartedly recommend David as an Executive Coach.

Marijke Cazemier
Director Organisational Development (Inmarsat)
Carers UK

I've really valued David's coaching during the past months. He's a good listener, easy to talk with and has an ability to ask the right questions that keep me thinking and reflecting until our next session. David's coaching has given me more confidence to embrace situations that may be outside my current comfort zone and he's also helped me to see more clearly which skills I need to develop to become a more effective leader. I highly recommend David as an Executive Coach.

Michael Shann
Head of Volunteering & Membership (Carers UK)

David is really easy to work with. What was surprising but particularly wonderful is that he is very creative and uses a wide variety of tools and techniques to help illustrate problems and find solutions. With me being a scientist and not of the creative ilk at all, I wouldn't have expected to have benefited from some of these tools, but I really enjoyed all of the techniques he chose for me; they brought the session to life, made it fun, made it memorable and the results are enduring. He gave me the confidence and support to bring the best of myself into my new role.

Sophia Turner
Executive Advisor Healthcare Data & Analytics (IQVIA)

David is very personable and has a great style of coaching. He listens intently and questions well, enabling me to reflect on my approach and formulate my thinking. David has helped me to navigate through aspects of my work which I’ve initially found challenging, but as a result have managed to approach confidently, with clarity and with positive results. I’ve had a great experience being coached by David and highly recommend him.

Ola Rzepczynska
Head of Strategic Partnerships (Samaritans)

I really enjoyed my coaching conversations with David. His manner is very calm and his questioning technique is insightful. David's thoughtful suggestions and conclusive guidance helped me to consider my options and approach in a fresh and helpful way.

Verity Buck
Client Director (AGILISYS)
Robert Walters

David is a high-impact coach. His coaching style is led by empathy, curiosity and fun. He has given me great clarity around challenges that were previously difficult to find solutions to, and an actionable plan to move forward. Thank you, David!

Christian Atkinson
Director, Switzerland (Robert Walters)